Line of Duty

R. Stanford (1952)

S. Gandy (1979)


Tri-Community Fire Department has experienced loss. We must never forget the service, bravery, and sacrifice of those who served. This memorial is a reminder that life is very fragile and firefighting should never be taken lightly.

The Fireman's Prayer

    When duty call's me, oh Lord, 
    Wherever Flames may rage, 
    Give me the strength to save some life 
    Whatever Be its age.

    Help me embrace a little child 
    Before it is too late 
    Or save an older person from 
    The horror of that fate

    Enable me to be alert, 
    and oh Lord, guide my every move, 
    for life is so precious, 
    please don't let us loose.

    I want to fill my calling and 
    To give the best in me 
    To guard my every neighbor 
    And protect their property

    And if according to thy will, 
    That I must give my life, 
    Then with thy protecting hand my Lord, 
    I pray thee, protect my children and my wife.